What can you do to help reduce your risk of developing lymphedema?

  1. Avoid having blood drawn from the affected limb.
  2. Avoid having blood pressure cuff used on the affected limb
  3. Identify early signs of lymphedema.  If you feel increase sensation of fullness, heaviness of the limb, achy feeling of the limb, or sensation of clothes or jewelry being more tight fitting, then contact your doctor.  These are signs that you may be developing lymphedema and you should let your doctor know.
  4. Avoid nail salons.  These places can increase risk for skin infection thereby increasing risk for lymphedema.
  5. Avoid using skin care products with fragrances.  These products contain alcohol which can dry the skin resulting in cracks and sites for potential infection.

These are just some helpful tips for reducing risk of lymphedema.  Contact your lymphedema specialist today!

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