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Cancer care is a major life decision and second opinions are common.  Do not be afraid to ask for a second opinion.  Patients may be concerned about offending their first doctor when they ask request to share medical records, imaging, pathology slides, and other test results.   In 2017, a study showed that 21% of patients who sought a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic left with a completely new diagnosis, and 66% were deemed partly correct, but refined or redefined by the second doctor.

Alternatively, patients may seek a second opinion at a major academic center but choose to receive their care closer to home. WIth radiation therapy, treatments are often times delivered once daily Monday through Friday over many weeks, and getting treatment closer to home is more convenient.  Ultimately, we all want you to find the right team and that you are comfortable with the diagnosis and treatment plan.

We will work closely with any doctors you choose.  Over the past 3 decades, we have extensive working relationship with surgeons and medical oncologists all across Southern California.