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Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation

Women who choose a lumpectomy rather than a full mastectomy need radiation treatment following surgery. APBI is designed specifically to treat early stages of breast cancer quickly and efficiently by delivering radiation directly into the tumor cavity from inside the body. Our radiation oncologists work directly with breast surgeons to treat the cavity after surgery. Radiation therapy is usually performed one to four weeks after a lumpectomy. The temporary devices for example MammoSite or Savi applicator is placed in the cavity by the breast surgeon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long are treatments?

    The device stays there throughout the treatment, usually 5 days. During your approximately 10 minutes of treatment, the radiation is delivered into the applicators through a wire or cable inserted into a catheter and then removed between treatments. The radiation is delivered based on your treatment plan that is created by your radiation oncologist and the physicist. Treatment plan is usually two treatments per day, 5-6 hours apart, for five days. After the final treatment, the MammoSite or the Savi device is easily removed by the radiation oncologist.

  • Q: How does it work?

    1. The applicator is inserted into the tumor cavity through a small incision completed at your physician’s office.
    2. The catheters are gently expanded to fit the shape of the cavity.
    3. Your radiation oncologist will perform a CT scan of you with the expanded device.  This will allow for computer planning for treatment.
    4. Treatments are done twice a day for 5 days or less.
    5. Your radiation oncologist will close the device and remove it through the same incision.